The purpose of my organization is to provide services for early childhood development, adolescences, and adults.

Our mission of our programs will be on educating members on the importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. By providing programs geared toward mental health and spirituality awareness; we can help our community reach an equilibrium between the physical, cognitive, emotional and mental domains of development. Ensuring a healthy lifestyle and creating a healthier community.

Our programs will consist of educational seminars,workshops, parenting classes, professional development, community events, high quality childcare programs, after school care, k-12 school, mental health awareness, physical fitness plans, mental health counseling, juvenile guidance and spiritual guidance.

People need to become in tune with the universe and we need to enlighten them. Mental health is on the rise and we have become modern day slaves. By educating our people on the importance of finding your gifts and talents. And how the can use them monetarily. We can show them how to take care of themselves and become more spiritual beings. The more in tune. The better your life. Laws of Attraction. They need to know how to control their energy and vibes. And how to manage their intuition and the warnings we are given

What is Starry Eyed Education Inc? An enlightened consciousness