Amadia Lafortune-Colon

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[ALBANY, NEW YORK, February 2020--] Life is about living in the now and focusing on the lessons being taught. Death can take things away from you that you think you can't live without. The first reaction is to blame yourself and question God, Why Me? But the question should be, Why not you? What can you benefit from the lesson being presented in front of you? Death Couldn't Stop Ms. Lafortune-Colon, in her first ever autobiography and it shouldn't stop you neither!

We may all come from different upbringings. We may all have different value systems. But there is one thing we all have in common. It is life and how challenging it can be. When facing adversity, your first instinct is to give up and look for someone or something to blame. Playing the victim won't change your circumstances. Getting back up every time you get hit, will. Mental Health is important. We must raise awareness of it. Trauma is never good. We all are battling silent battles crying out for help. Just know you are not alone!

"Dysfunction was so normal in our family, that I didn't realize it was wrong until I became a mother myself".

Death Couldn't stop me can be purchased on Amazon or from the Author herself. There are both paperback books and a kindle version. The link for the book online is

About the Author: Amadia Lafortune-Colon is the Chief Executive Founder of Starry Eyed Education Inc. She is Caribbean American (Haitian and Puerto Rican) and the oldest of 18 children. She is a phenomenal woman who strives to be the best version of herself every day. Death Couldn't Stop me (An Autobiography) is her first published book with a television series in production that will feature people and their stories they face. Encouraging others to speak out against their problems and get back up after their fall.

Starry Eyed Education Inc is a nonprofit organization that focuses on mental health, spirituality, and education. The mission is on educating members on the importance of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. By providing programs geared toward mental health awareness and spirituality awareness; we can educate our community to help reach an equilibrium between the physical, cognitive, emotional and mental domains of development.